and her lucky father








Asiunia is a story of a little girl for whom war started right after her fifth birthday, when one night her mother disappeared just like her home. She had to go to sleep to an alien house, where instead of her mother was a different woman, different furniture and she had to drink milk from someone else's cup instead of her own as usual. Asiunia is vigilantly observing the shifting world around her and trying to grasp as much as possible, but for such a small girl it is an incredible challenge.

Title: Asiunia and her lucky father


Production: EGoFILM


Director: Tamas Ducki


Screenwriter: Łukasz Maciejewski


Art designs: Maciej Szymanowicz


Music: Michał Jacaszek


Sound: Radosław Ochnio


Producer: Ewelina Gordziejuk


Co-production: Paris+Hendzel Co.


Based on novels by Joanna Papuzińska



Classical TV distribution, VOD and online distribution, cinema, special shows in museums and schools



Format: 20 minut

Technique: 3d , 2d drawn animation

Intender for: children aged 6+ and their families

Release date: 2018



EGoFILM was founded in 2013 by the polish producer Ewelina Gordziejuk. EGoFILM focuses mainly on realisation of animated films for children. We cooperate with Polish artists as well as European authors. Studio’s main goal is to introduce new forms of animated cinema, which draws on traditions of Polish School of Animation.


The studio works on many film projects concentrating mainly on animated films for children. Currently EGoFILM is at the final stage of the production of the series for young viewers entitled “Pompik” (13 ep.x 7min.), which received the support of Polish Film Institute. EGoFILM is at the production stage of the series “Tales of Tappi the Viking” (13 ep. x 11 min.). All the studio’s projects are co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, what proves high artistic and educational values of our productions. All EGoFILM’s projects are addressed to viewers in Poland as well as abroad. EGoFILM also organises film animation workshop for children around Poland in co-operation with Ministry of Culture. We are a member of Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce (KIPA) and Polish Animation Producers Association (SPPA).



Ewelina Gordziejuk

Producer +48 607 563 638


ul. Bialostocka 22 lokal 10

03-741 Warsaw, Poland